The Workload Lifecycle Management for Cloud is a phased approach using the JanusIQ™ platforms , which are a series of cognitive technologies and control platforms for Plan time, Deploy time and Run time of cloud compute workloads.

Whether moving to or currently using cloud service providers, we deliver analytics, recommendations, fix it services, brokering services , and ongoing optimization to maximize your value of IT.

If you are not happy with , having issues with or your current cloud service provider do not understand your needs, then click the box below for a FREE independent assessment of your current environment.




We came to be because of a lack of clarity in the cloud space between buyers and suppliers. Times have most certainly changed with multiple deployment options of InHouse, InColo and InCloud, and everything Hybrid in between. For InHouse and InColo the client has tight control over the workload infrastructure, whereas InCloud provides a world of ever changing possibilities. Too many similar choices and possibilities come with confusion, complexity and inefficiency unless you have the right solution to make the right actionable decisions.

JanusIQTM is that right solution built on tools, technologies and best practices, we provide our clients with actionable services that produce results and create value quickly.

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Rightscale - 2015 State of the Cloud Report

our Services

We provide a full service workload assessment, strategy, optimization, and sourcing practice. It’s about the right workload for the best deployment model taking into account performance, risk, security, governance and economics.

JanusIQTM Micro Assessment Service
The Free micro assessment provides a peek into the organization as to what is truly possible. This report provides a high level view of possible savings likely to be achieved by showing quality, value and money saving possibilities as it relates to using and buying cloud services. More Information…


JanusIQTM Assessment Service
This full report looks at the 5 dimensions of current state (Consumption, Behavior, Service Level, Risk and Agility/Portability) and the future state of using and buying better (technology amplification and economics). This report is only available using our portal for security, data visualizations and ease of use. Available as one time or subscription fee. More Information…


Optimization and Fix it Services
Implementing the recommendations of the future state from the JanusIQ Assessment service. Our recommendations are provides in several options including no code changes and code changes based on the output of our modelers. More Information…


Workload Brokering Services
These services are based on a Workload Unit ( WU) calculated for a specific workload. Once the WU is calculated it is matched with a cloud service provider offering in the open market , ACA brokers a work contract for those WU’s, and our clients benefit from our buying power in the marketplace. More Information…


JanusIQTM SST Services
Ongoing optimization technology that uses multiple sensors (agents) allowing for the self-managing, self-healing and self-brokering of workloads for a client. This monthly management is available for cloud and enterprise Workloads. More Information…


JanusIQTM Compute Roadmap Services
This report is a services that extends the analytics processes and technologies done for cloud to all the deployment options InHouse, InColo and InCloud combined. This provides for a comprehensive view across the enterprise with additional recommendations. More Information…

What we do?


The Workload Lifecycle ManagementTM for Cloud (WLMc) is performed in three distinct phases of Plan time, Deploy time, and Run Time. Our clients can choose to engage the WLMc with us for just one phase, two phases or all three phases. However to get the most benefit out of our solutions all three phases are recommended




As a new workload , department, division or company is added we always come back to the beginning with Plan time, the follow the path we know will optimize your workload environment by using and buying cloud workload resource better.

Also our engagements are fully collaborative with our clients for each phase of our Workload Lifecycle ManagementTM for cloud. We provide actionable decisions and recommendations. However, to get the most benefit out of our solutions we recommend doing all three phases.


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